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Appreciate Podcast

You do not appreciate the people you love, before you actually are with them. Then you would like that moment to last forever. Keep your loved one close and live each day as it is the last one.

The Journey 

Jenny`s Vision Project is now 3 years. As the time proceeds our vision slowly appears in our songs. We got more and more listeners and are happy for that. Stay tuned and be with us on this journey. Our songs frequently are on the charts at Soundcloud, the biggest audio streaming site on internet.We are so happy that so many people worldwide enjoy our music!Thanks.

Moonight Shades - Lilyhammer Podcast

Do not forget to check out of latest release - Moonlight ShadesYou gonna get thrilled :-)Thanks.

Hilarious "Hit Producers" Setup 

I need to arrest all those sites and hit maker producers that comes up with this idea of "The Perfect Hit Song" . They have a standard setup with verse, bridge, chorus.... The producers think formula all the time, and forgetting about the soul and passion for music.So, if you send in some songs to a competition or talent show on television, and it does not fit into that norm, it is out of the… Read more

New Album Covers 

Did get a couple of new album covers today. Check them out in the photo section here: New Album Covers
Jenny`s Vision Project: Rising Above The Mundane Rabble of Pop MusicAngels - Review

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