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Moonight Shades - Lilyhammer Podcast

Do not forget to check out of latest release - Moonlight ShadesYou gonna get thrilled :-)Thanks.

Hilarious "Hit Producers" Setup 

I need to arrest all those sites and hit maker producers that comes up with this idea of "The Perfect Hit Song" . They have a standard setup with verse, bridge, chorus.... The producers think formula all the time, and forgetting about the soul and passion for music.So, if you send in some songs to a competition or talent show on television, and it does not fit into that norm, it is out of the… Read more

New Album Covers 

Did get a couple of new album covers today. Check them out in the photo section here: New Album Covers

Summer vibes - Good vibes - Update 

Three catchy up-tempo songs are upcoming this summer :-) . Two of them are with vocals, and one are our ending tribute to Lilyhammer, the Netflix serie. We think you are gonna love them!Stay tuned for updatesReleasing the dates soon.

Attention: Filmmakers! 

Are you a filmmaker and need some good music to your project, this is the site to explore. Go to the music section, download the music, and use them. Many of our songs are intended for films/movies.All our releases are free to download, except the latest one.What we would love is that you send us an email when your movie are released, and we will help you promote it. The only thing we ask is a backlink and credit… Read more
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