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Lifetime - New Release Podcast

I am happy to release our new song "Lifetime"

Teamed up with the amazing vocalist Keeley Bumford. She is also the topliner on this song.

New Release(s) - This Weekend ( September ) 

Stay tuned for some releases this weekend :-)

A Pop/Rock song, a Deep House song is on the calendar. Also have 3 other song coming soon...

This will be awesome!

Why we never release on streaming platforms Podcast

We never have released any songs on iTunes, Spotify etc. This is because I am never 100 percent satisfied with the production, so I often get back to the actual song and do marginals improvement. This would have been impossible, if the song was professionally mastered and uploaded to iTunes. This is why we never release a song on the official streaming platforms. We stick to Soundcloud and our official homesite.

Just a little weekend notice :-)

Happy weekend! Take a listen to our newest release. Free download… Read more

Eurovision Song Contest - Norway 

Did today entering a song to the Norwegian eurovision song contest. Wish us luck :-) The jury will pick out 15-16 songs during October.

New Song - Hall Of Fame Podcast

A song with all the conflicts going on in mind. Hide for shelter. Many people living with rockets flying over their heads everyday. Some of the world leaders that are in the Hall of Fame, should be on the Wall of Shame.

Hall Of Fame, Wall Of Shame, War & Pain

Check it out now : 
Jenny`s Vision Project: Rising Above The Mundane Rabble of Pop MusicAngels - Review

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